Paper Art, Paper Folds, Paper Sculptures, Wire Sculptures by Polly Verity

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  • Paper Fold for sale by Polly Verity - Intersecting Orbs

    Intersecting Orbs


    Hand folded from one sheet of paper with no cuts. Painted wooden deep boxframe with glass front. 14″ ×14″ frame

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  • Paper Fold for sale by Polly Verity - Pansy or Heartsease

    Pansy or Heartsease Paperfold


    Hand folded from one sheet of Elephanthide paper with no cuts.

    Framed in an 8″ painted wooden boxframe with a glass front. (product short description)

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Polly Verity creates paper art and paper sculptures.

The paper art works are geometric repeats created using origami techniques of folding paper without cutting or gluing (often referred to as corrugations). Sometimes this paper art employs curved folds and folded curves. Polly also creates paper dresses and origami fashion using these folds. Architectural influenced patterns can sometimes appear as can organic forms. Mostly these works are folded from paper but Polly also uses other materials too such as folded polypropylene, thermoset fabric and card.

The paper sculptures fashioned by Polly are usually fantastic beasts and chimera created by making wireframe forms by hand and then coating with a fine taut paper. Sometimes these paper sculptures have no internal framework but are cast from a fine transluscent tissue paper instead.