“Forest Pattern” – fold your own


Forest Pattern pre-scored flat polypropylene sheet. Fold your own.
This fold difficulty level: Intermediate



Forest Pattern (Intermediate)

Flat pre-scored polypropylene sheet so that you can have a go at folding your own.

Images show the sheet folded up, you will receive a flat sheet unfolded but blade scored along the creases to enable you to create a precise fold of the Forest Pattern design by Polly Verity.

Instructions: On the scored side, pre-crease all the scores on the sheet into mountain-fold creases. Then turn over and crease just the folds that will be mountain-folds on this side leaving the original as valley folds.
Tip: Start with simple designs (Beginners) and work up to more complicated (Advanced) ones.
During the folding process, ensure that the environment is not too cold (above 15°C or 59°F) or fold over a radiator. This ensures that there will be no cracking of the polypropylene.
The sheet is only scored on one side and it is difficult to see the lines, ensure you are working in good light and slightly bend the sheet in order to see the scored lines. If you still can’t see the lines, try turning the sheet over.

This fold difficulty level: Intermediate




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