BBC Wales makes a video about Polly Verity

Polly describes the art and process of paper-folding in a short film by Gwyndaf Hughes

BBC Wales Short Film About Polly

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Feature in Watercolor Artist Magazine

Taking watercolour paper into the Third Dimension

In December 2020 Watercolour Artist Magazine featured Polly Verity’s works in watercolour paper.

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Article in Wired

Very pleased to be mentioned in Wired…

These Stunning Paper Sculptures Ain’t Your Average Origami

In the 1920s, Josef Albers taught a Bauhaus course in “paper study.” Nearly a century later, his teachings are preserved in the work of artist Polly Verity.|By Liz Stinson

A mention in Colossal

Thrilled to be featured in Colossal:

Tessellating Patterns Formed From Intricately Folded Paper by Polly Verity

Sculptor Polly Verity interlocks domes, orbs, and other curved structures by strategically folding large sheets of paper. The result of these intricate…