Polyscene Panel

Polyscene Panel – a foldable rigid origami sheet with thickness

Rigid panel components connected by flexible hinges allowing for 359 degree flexibility and multidirectional flat-pack arrangements.

This panel utilises Japanese byōbu folding screen reversible paper hinge technology from the Muromachi period (Japan 1392 – 1568). Later the Jacob’s ladder toy used a similar hinge, the earliest known appearance of its construction technique appeared in a Scientific American article in 1889.

Here I have applied the hinges throughout the sheet in perpendicular directions so that a panel with a material of thickness can be concertina flat-packed either way along the x and y axes as well as any diagonals employed.

Polly Verity

Peace War

A live sound installation performance inside the Deutcher Brucker, Koln with Edinburgh based artist spotov. Flat-pack folded paper geometrical costume, wind-machines, screeching membranes and megaphones designed for the astounding acoustics

Peace War by paper artist Polly Verity and Spotov at Deutcher Brucker Koln, Germany

Who is the Protlor?

The Protlor was a sweet naive boy, recently plucked from underneath the floorboards and new to the realm of art.

Noting his potential as an artist, spotov and verity snapped him up as their protégé. They decided to give the protégé his first show … they would promote his work, but never shy of turning anything into a performance, they would do this under the guise of the spinsisters [sic], the two insufferable Miss Gambles.

Paper Artist Polly Verity as Miss Gamble at Tinsmiths Edinburgh
“Im only a plain spinster with a habit for making myself useful”

The protégé, Protlor, put on a brilliant show. The Miss Gambles were so proud of their “Dear Boy”, that they couldn’t stop shrieking his praises for a second. Gently prodding people with a finger or a walking cane to reiterate the point.

They were utterly dreadful.

Paper Artist Polly Verity and Spotov in Protlor performance at Tinsmiths Edinburgh

It went down a storm.

Shrivelled prunes stuffed with greyed mascapone cheese, black splattered ginger biscuits and blue corn chips were brought in on a trolley. The bottle of sherry fell off and smashed which made for a very fitting entrance.

Paper Artist Polly Verity and Spotov in Protlor performance at Tinsmiths Edinburgh